Founder Chairman

  • Kalahandi Gana Parishad-1997
  • Nuapada Bikash Abhiyan-2007
  • Muniguda Bikash Parishad-2006
  • Mahuri Foundation Trust-2007
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Foundation Trust-2013
  • Biju Pattnaik Foundation Trust-2011
  • Kalahandi Rail Yatri Sangha-2015
  • Kalahandi Bidyut Upabhokta Mahasangha-2016
  • Shining Kalahandi-2015
  • Digital Kalahandi-2017
  • Shining Odisha-2018
  • Action Committee for Establishment of Kalahandi Agriculture University-2015

Party Observer

  • Nawarangpur-2017 for PR Election
  • Nuapada NAC-2017 for Ama Sahara & Ama Unnati Programme
  • Join in Gandhamardan Bachhao Andoloan of Sambalpur District in 1984.
  • Join in Chhatra Yuba Sangharsh Vahini founded by Jayaprakash Narayan in 1985.
  • Active in Jungle Bachhao Andolan in Kalahandi in 1987.
  • Chose the Trains-Yamuna area of Allahabad as new experimental centre after leaving Kalahandi in 1990.
  • Several Hunger Strike called at Village level against Allahabad based maladministration in 1991 and make an example in the History of Gandhism.
  • Nominated as National Convener of Chhatra Yuba Sangharsha Vahini at Ara (Bihar) National Council in 1992.
  • Participate and take the leadership of Jharkhand Movement and Anti-Displacement Movement in Singbhum at Bihar in 1992.
  • Join the Kissan Andolan lead by Mahendra Singh Tikayat in Allahabad best Kissan Union.
  • Take the leadership of Allahabad UP for Anti-Dunkel Rally at Boat Club, New Delhi in 1993.
  • Take the leadership of Anti-Dunkle Movement and founding the cultural movement “Mim-Ka-Mela” which was held at Hariharpur, Ghurpur, Allahabad in 1995.
  • Nominated as National Convener of People’s Initiative in Kashmir (PIK), an intellectual forum based on Allahabad University including eminent writers, artists, professors, scientists and journalist in 1995..
  • After coming back from UP, J & K, Kalahandi Gana Parishad was founded to demand National Policy on Drought and Starvation Death in 1997 and working as Founding Chairman taking the leadership of “Awhan Yatra” in the entire the then Dharmagarh-96 constituency.
  • Join Biju Janata Dal in 19 97 in Navin Nivas in the presence of Sj. Ashok Pan da, present MLA with taking Primary Membersh ip Directly by Hon’ble President, BJD Odisha Sj. Naveen Pattnaik and active in the then 96 Dharmagarh A.C.
  • Apply BJD Party Ticket from 96 Dharmagarh AC in both 2000 and 2004.
  • Apply Corporation Chair man in 2004 and recommended by Sj. Balab hadra Majhi & 2014 recommended by MLA Dharmagarh, Narla, Lanjigarh, Junagarh & MP, Kalahan di.
  • Nominated as Biju Yuva Janata Dal, State Secretary in 2003 led by Sj. Ba labhadra Majhi State President BYJD and atten d Kapilash BYUD State Youth Training Camp.
  • District General Secretar y BJD in 2010 & Secretary from 2016.
  • Attend different Rail Ro ko Programme organized by BJD Kalahandi against UPA Government from 2009 to 2012.
  • Take active Role in every Pada Yatra (2 October to 11 October) the Offic ial Programme of the BJD three time attend H on’ble C.M. Programme in Bhubaneswar on 2 Octobe r.
  • Organize Biju Jayanti on March 5 and Biju Shrada Divas in April 17 in Bha wanipatna and Kesinga Block.
  • Active Role in BJD SC Co nference in 2010 in Kesinga and Mobilized the People favour of BJD.
  • Stay one week in Umerko te By-Election Campaign in 2012 & Kandhamal P.C. B y-Election.
  • Active Role Play in last P anchayat Election 2012 & 2017 take charge of Th. Rampur programme of Navin Pattnaik.
  • Nationwide campaign started from 2010 to confer Bharat Ratna to Biju Pattn aik.
  • Working for establishmen t of Biju Pattnaik Park in Bhawanipatna, apply to C. M. Odisha for life size statue in Biju Babu & Defence Department for unused Aircraft.
  • Apply Party Ticket from Bhawanipatna A/C in 2014.
  • Application given to Hon’b le Chief Minister for the nomination MP Rajya Sab ha in 2016.
  • Now working Socio Politi cally, Culturally & Intellectually for people of Bha wanipatna and Kesinga Block (Bhawanipatna A/C) since 2009 to 2018.
  • Attend all Programme of Hon’ble C.M. Odisha from 2000 to 2018 in Kalahand i & Nuapada.
  • Active in Bhawanipatna & Kesinga for making successful both committee and Amagaon & Ama Bikash, Ama Sahara & Ama Unnati Programme of our party.

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